Orcs Unlimited Games

We make strange games for strange people. 

About Us

Who we are

We are a small press indie table top game company, that makes the games the big guys can't or wont. 

Why we do it

We want to get the gaming public excited about the weekend game,by leting them play strange new characters in strange new places. 

Where can you get the games

We distribute our games trough RPGnow.com check them out 

our stuff

Escape from Teddy Bear Island

A fantasy RPG set on an island full of man eating plush toys. Play as an Orc Warrior an Elven Magician or a Kobold Adventurer. Collect powerful magic and learn dark secrets. You will still neaver escape from teddy bear island. 

Bad Day to be a Kaiju

You are a giant building stomping monster. In a world of Super Villains you must save the day by being just incompetent enough to save the world but not so much so that you get a pink slip from HR. 

We Hunt Bugs

Do you want to hunt alien bugs for fun and profit? Then The Company has a job for you. You can make big money exterminating bugs off faster than light capable space ships. What is the worst that could happen? I men if the bugs kill you your clone can get payback , right? 

Space Pirates the Musical

A simple RPG about being a singing space pirate. because in space no one can hear you sing.

Bugs in the system

A colection of short fiction works for We Hunt Bugs. If you are looking for some fun sci fi stories, then look no futher.


A collection of short fiction about others who cant Escape from Teddy Bear Island. 

T-shirts and more

Our Cafe Press store where you can get some cool Orcs Unlimited gear.

Below deck blues

the first source book for We hunt bugs. more guns, more bugs, more ships.

Return to Teddy Bear Island

The first sourcs book for Escape from Teddy Bear Island. More plushies , new  gear and a new dungeon.

Small Wardens

A game of small animal secret agents in a Saturday morning cartoon world. 

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